Great Uncle Bulgaria is the head of the Wimbledon burrow. His full name is Bulgaria Coburg Womble, but he's

Great Uncle Bulgaria Womble
Great Uncle Bulgaria in the books

Great Uncle Bulgaria, as seen in the original Wombles books.

Great Uncle Bulgaria 1970s

Great Uncle Bulgaria, as seen in the original 1970s Wombles TV series

Great uncle bulgaria 1990s

Great Uncle Bulgaria, as seen in the 1990s Wombles TV series.


Created by

Elisabeth Beresford

First appearance

"The Wombles" novel (1968)


Wise, strict





known as Great Uncle Bulgaria to the young wombles.

He is very old indeed, no one really knows exactly for sure, but it's safe to guess he's anywhere between 300 years and eternity. His age and status have brought about some eccentricities.

Great Uncle Bulgaria's one weakness is his daily copy of The Womble Times, from which he gets information about the outside world and which he's often heard to insist "never lies". He has a particular obsession for the crosswords.

Great Uncle Bulgaria often rejects modern technology, not because he doesn't see its potential, but because he understands the value in tradition. ("Computers? Pshaw! A quill and paper is all anyone really needs to write with..."). To Great Uncle Bulgaria, the new technology is to be viewed with suspicion.

He supports Tobermory's grand unconventional inventions, but remains firmly grounded in doing things the way he's always done them. You'd never see him going for a ride in the womcopter (although he's been known to take an unintentional spin in the buggy!) or sending a message on the womfax. He is still fazed by the wellicom and the speaking tube system in the burrow.

A master storyteller, he has an anecdote for any occasion, a fantastic tale for every situation, and words of wisdom for anyone within earshot. Venerated for his wisdom and experience, Great Uncle Bulgaria indulgently supervises the younger wombles, who think he knows everything. He can be gruff and strict, but he has a kind heart.

When he can, he likes to sit in his office on his rocking chair and think (which normally turns into a sleep). He used to be a good footballer when he was a young womble. So when they found a football (it took him a while to remember how to use it), he decided that the wombles should get fit and that they should form a football team - Womble United.

In both the 1970s TV series and the 1990s TV series (and currently), he wears a tartan hat, a tartan shawl, tartan slippers and gold spectacles. He is named after the country in Eastern Europe.

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